Staying Sane During the Holidays Part 1: Sheryl Roush Shows us How to Sparkle

Hark! Christmas carols are streaming out from radio stations already and it’s not even Thanksgiving.  If you haven’t noticed, there’s Holiday items in the shopping malls, from Thanksgiving cornucopias to Christmas wreaths. I’ve also seen menorahs, tree lights, North pole elves, and New Year’s kazoos.  If you think the department stores are rolling out the Holiday spirit early, you haven’t met Sheryl Roush. She lives everyday as Holiday. Here’s our interview.


In her book, Heart of the Holidays, she writes, “The truest HOLIDAY or HOLY DAY is in the essence of the gratitude we carry in our heart and live in each day. Not a date on a calendar. Celebrating holidays gives us an opportunity to pause from daily to-do’s and survival to find greater meaning and significance in our life.”

Her book is not a manual of tips on how to survive and thrive during the holidays. She teaches by example. I learned that she:

*keeps a live pine tree decorated in her yard 365 days a year
*stays vital with a clean, green, vegan Thanksgiving feast
*gives the gift of stories and quotes
*makes New Year’s resolutions with laser sharp intention and vision boards
*keeps the Holiday memories alive with food and aromas like a “kinesthetic” anchor

And those are just her own examples. The book is replete with stories of other Holiday heroes and heroines who rekindle the true meaning of Christmas–and Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Winter Solstice, and New Year’s Eve–and make it last the whole year. I used to think the Holidays were a time to control my budget and waistline from Thanksgiving to January 1st. Sheryl has taught me it’s a reminder to acknowledge the overlooked blessings in my life and then to act selflessly in the spirit of gratitude.


President and CEO of Sparkle Presentations, Sheryl Roush is an internationally top-rated trainer on communication skills, an award-winning speaker, and an inspirational author whose publications are known for creating a healthier world by boosting morale, motivation, communication skills and results. Sheryl has presented in conference programs alongside celebrities including Jane Seymour, Geena Davis, Olivia Newton-John, Joan Lunden, Suze Orman, Marcus Buckingham, Marie Osmond, and so many others.

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