The Healing Power of Art with Elizabeth Preston

AR-140909504-1Imagine your doctor handing you a prescription.  You read it and it says “Art.”  That’s all.  Your doctor is probably referring you to Elizabeth Preston, artist and therapist rolled into one.  Listen to our interview here.

Sometimes our body and brain store pain, trauma, or emotions that cannot be released through counseling or medication.  Sometimes young children are bursting with the need to speak, but may not have the words.  That’s where Elizabeth Preston steps in.

Whether she is tutoring an autistic boy to draw or a group of cancer patients to paint, Preston calmly guides her students to a deeper level of self-expression–deeper than words–that is ultimately cathartic and therapeutic.   She is a leader in the ARTS, an acronym she invented:

Action (creating a work of art)+ Reaction (observing the piece of completed art) = Therapy to the Soul.

She writes “Don’t go to sleep, don’t become unconscious…allow yourself to acknowledge the power, the therapeutic power of art in which you can find peace and serenity or an openness to an avenue which will challenge you to RISE.”

Elizabeth Preston’s art is found throughout the world.  Her upcoming exhibit will be at the Louvre in Paris, France.


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