Words can Change the World with Ryan Avery

When Ryan Avery talks, people listen.  (Listen to our interview here.) And these days he’s talking a lot because he believes words can change the world.


He talks underwater.  He talks to billionaires.  He talks while wearing a simple white T-shirt–by mistake–in front of an audience of public speakers, and still rocks the house as he speaks from the heart.

He talks about why his marriage is like two wings of a bird, why talking about the tough subjects with kids is essential, and why “trust is a must” in any relationship.  He looks you straight in the eyes and captivates you with a gleam in his smile.  He’s comfortable with himself and makes you feel comfortable too.

He was the youngest person to be crowned World Champion of Public Speaking at age 25 in 2012.  He’s also an Emmy winner and co-author of his latest book Speaker, Leader, Champion on the secrets of being a magnetic speaker.  After listening to Ryan and realizing that he is an emerging voice of his generation, you can’t help but feel positive about the future of this world.  And you too believe that words, including your own, can change the world.

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 11.41.18 PM






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