Teddy Bears, Toastmasters, and new Taste Buds: A New Weigh to Lose Pounds

An overweight person can lose 100 pounds with gastric bypass surgery. Toastmasters District Governor Michael Osur lost that amount by creating his own weight loss program. He started with a conventional program and in the process discovered some unconventional truths:

–earning a teddy bear for every 10 pounds lost was an incentive
–cooking in one room and eating in another room helped him lose weight
–using spice rather than salt made his meals fun
–asking for items not seen on the restaurant menu can be done

Listen to how he avoided the drudgery of a diet and learned to alter his taste buds and taste for life.


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  1. Ahh, the ubiquitous weight-loss dilemma. Good for Michael for creating his own program and succeeding. Now, if there was only a counterpart program for people looking to gain 50 pounds! There are a few of us who have tried pretty much everything under the sun, with little success. Perhaps Michael would like to get into the business of designing ‘flip side’ programs. 🙂

    Always good to see a blog post from you Dr. Glenn and to learn about your interesting radio show guests. Onward, with continued success!


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