Catching a Wave with LIZA


Legendary.  Magical.  Momentous.  That was my night tonight as I finally got to meet Liza Minnelli.

At the Renberg Theatre in Hollywood this evening, Liza was interviewed by her friend, the delightful Coco Peru, who brought out the best in Liza, the last of Hollywood’s royalty.  Liza spoke of her childhood at MGM, her unflinching drive to star on Broadway, and, as she put it, her natural talent to surround herself with talented people.  It was this quality that brought together Bob Fosse, Kander & Ebb, Marvin Hamlisch and the inimitable Halston as the creative force behind “Liza with a Z,” the first concert film for TV, which won four Emmy awards in 1972.  The interview was interspersed with clips from her films including Cabaret, Arthur, and New York, New York.

For someone who has won the EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony), who has the same stirring vocals as her mother, and who is one of the most beloved and enduring stars in the fickle industry of show business, Liza was strikingly vulnerable.  She smiled, laughed, and cried and appeared truly humbled by her own images shown on the screen.  She even said that she felt “hurt” by Ellen’s joke at the Oscars, then quipped, “but Liza goes on!”  The crowd roared.

She finished the interview with the advice that life is a series of waves.  “The goal is to catch a wave and ride it as long as you can.”

Thank you, Liza and Coco.


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  1. Whether it’s your radio show segments or your SoCal socializing, you always have fascinating (and memorable) encounters and experiences. Meeting Liza had to be huge! Thanks for (virtually) sharing part of your evening with we readers.


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