Got Balance?


Craig Duswalt’s Mastermind seminar convenes some of the sharpest minds I know: Entrepreneur Larry Broughton, comedian Adam Ace, life coach Maryann Ehmann, fierce negotiator Eldonna Lewis Fernandez, stand-up comic Walt Grassl, rocker blogger Tim Gillette, the happiness guy Ricky Powell, design queen Deanne Marie, tax maven Nellie Williams–just to name a few.  What are some of the things I learned this week to keep my mind sharp while writing, speaking, and being a doctor?

“Work harder.”  “Work less.”

“Play more.” “Rest more.”

“Find your voice.” “Listen to others.”

“Have fun.” “Get serious.”

“Live in the moment.”  “Plan for the future.”

Divergent views?  Not really. Putting all of their advice together, I heard one word:  balance.  Seek balance.  If you’re working too hard, play more.  If you’re playing too much, get committed.  If you’re over-committed, get organized.  If you’re compulsively organized, but getting nowhere, listen to your heart.  If your heart is stuck, listen to others.  In other words, seek balance in your life.

Simple.  Not always easy…but simple.

It reminds me of parenting.  The singular lesson I learned from parenting is that I can only make good decisions when I am feeling balanced.  Balance isn’t the same thing as comfort.  Or calmness. But it can bring about calmness, as still as a handstand.

All the books in the world about how to be successful in life, in work, and in love, can only be helpful if I have balance in my life.

2 replies

  1. Great to connect with you as always Dr Glenn. Thanks for your insight on an awesome Mastermind. Mastermind groups are so important for more than just growing your business. It becomes a family and a mind trust that you can connect with and reunite with and grow with. See you soon!


  2. Good to see your blogging return, Dr. Glenn. I like the topic and how you’ve framed it. Varying degrees of balance are essential to being and you seem to have many of them well focused. Onward, good man!


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