I thought I was in Generation GF

I’m not in Generation X, Y, or Z.  I’m in Generation BB for Baby Boomers, explained fellow radio host and Toastmaster, the erudite Eric Tonningsen–founder of Journey Works coaching.  All this time, I thought I had missed the cut and relegated myself to Generation GF–Grecian Formula–which was borne between Kennedy’s election and disco.  Anyhow I’m a BB now.  Tonningsen and I chatted about our upcoming interview next month where I’ll be expounding on issues that weren’t necessarily around when your silver-haired parents were in their golden age.

It’s a whole new era of healthcare today, ushered in by Silver Sneaker gyms, inspiration from On Golden Pond and Last Vegas, HIV cocktails, the science of Man-opause, and the reincarnation of Zostavax–the chicken pox-turned-shingles vaccine.  The truth is, Baby Boomers are creating roads less travelled in unchartered territory.  Living longer but without a road map.  A menopause expert once told me “Whoever created the human body, did not give us a manual for life after 50.”  We have to figure this out on our own. Eric Tonningsen and I will figure this out next month.  Join us.

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  1. For those who have not had the privilege of listening to and learning from Dr. Glenn, you do not want to miss this December 17th show. I can hardly wait myself! One hour is not going to scratch the surface of this man, his wisdom, his humor, his kindness and his warm willingness to serve. Regardless of which generation Dr. Glenn aligns himself with, he is a treasure to that cohort. We Baby Boomers *are* living life large. Mark your calendars, tune in and learn how, in many cases, boomers are navigating unchartered waters and discovering creative ways in which to create lives of even greater significance. Thanks, Dr. Glenn!


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