From Toastmaster to Rockstar

Just got back from a 3-day conference at Craig Duswalt’s amazing Mastermind Rockstar Entrepreneur Conference where I learned so much from Blog master Tim Gillette as well as from other trainers:  comedian Adam Ace,  human development coach Maryann Ehmann, broadcaster Raven Blair Davis, triathlete Marcus Slaton, actress Sandra Dee Robinson, and negotiator Eldonna Lewis Fernandez, just to mention a few.  I also discovered that this program attracts many Toastmasters from all over the country.  Ostensibly, we all learned about marketing, social media, negotiation, and meditation among other skills.


Why would public speakers flock to such a conference?  Because being a successful public speaker and being a successful entrepreneur have something in common: they both require being a success at authentically connecting with other human beings.  This quality often requires a change in mindset, compassion, insight, imagination, hard work, self-discipline, and daily habits to sustain excellence.  The higher the level of excellence, the more rigorous the lifestyle.  Just ask 25 year-old Ryan Avery, 2012 World Champion of public speaking, who went to extreme lengths to exercise his mind, body, and voice like an Olympian to reach the form he is in now.

So now when I meet a person who has reached success in their given field, I don’t ask what skills were needed to get where they are.  I ask what kind of lifestyle do they lead to get where they are.  The skills are just the visible product of the way they lead their daily lives.  I think that’s why Benjamin Franklin said “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.”

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  1. Glenn, you have hit it dead on. The key to success in whatever your field is to “Drill Your Skills” which is one of the negotiation tips I shared at the Rockstar Mastermind. We can’t achieve positive results without positive action and drilling continuously to get to the level of success we want. Then we just keep getting better. Many compliment me on my speaking ability. It didn’t happen overnight. I joined Toastmasters the end of 2006 plus have been training in a speaker certification program with Frontier Trainings since 2009 and working with a speaker coach. I drill my skills in front of my Toastmasters group, my mirror and sometimes in my car or on my Harley. The point being the power is in the work we put in the get the desired results. Thanks Glenn for your insights here on this important topic.


  2. Success requires authentically connecting with other human beings… That is a mindFULL concept! Getting the fear and self judgement out of the way makes that connection so much easier, right? Thanks for highlighting that truth, Glenn!


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